Casmara® Spanish Masks

Unique intensive nutrition treatment, which consists of a gel tube and an envelope with powder. Both rich in active concentrates to hydrate, decongest, depigment and firm the skin in just 20 minutes.

A facial for every need:

  • Soya Mask - Decongestant, regenerative and nutrient
  • Green Mask - Oxygenating, firming and revitalizing
  • Retense Mask - Depigmenting and firming
  • Regenerín Mask - Cell regenerator and soothing
  • Green Tea Mask - Antioxidant, revitalizing and anti-stress
  • New New Mask - Firming and moisturizing
  • Reaffirming Mask - Detoxifying, absorbing and moisturizing
  • Sensitive Mask - Decongestant, soothing and vitamin
  • Vitamin Vegetable Mask - Antioxidant, stimulant and anti-wrinkle
  • Gold Mask - Revitalizing and remineralizing