Chelation Therapy

Chelation is a treatment in which an artificial amino acid, called EDTA, is administered intravenously to a patient under the prescription and supervision of a formally trained physician. This treatment is primarily used to improve patients’ blood circulation because it acts on vascular walls.

EDTA is administered through an intravenous serum into the patient’s arm. The EDTA in the solution binds to heavy metals in the body and expels it through the urine. Abnormally located metals, which favor free radical damage and toxic metals, such as lead, are easily removed by EDTA. In addition to EDTA, important antioxidants and revitalizers are added to the serum, which enrich the effect and mechanism of action.

Benefits of the Chelation:

  • Removes calcium from atheromatous plaques.
  • Reduce heart valve calcification.
  • Improves angina pectoris.
  • It increases the flexibility and elasticity of the arteries.
  • Reduces and improves internal and external varices.
  • Reduce the size of kidney stones.
  • Avoid gangrene.
  • Helps normalize cardiac arrhythmias.
  • Reduces or relaxes excessive heart contractions.
  • Improves the symptomatology of Parkinson’s.
  • It dissolves arterial thrombi.
  • It causes the lowering and normalization of blood pressure.
  • It improves the mood of people, makes them more active.
  • Reduce blood cholesterol levels.
  • Prevents cholesterol deposition in the liver.
  • Improves sexual impotence.
  • Improves the symptomatology of rheumatoid arthritis.
  • Prevents and relieves osteoarthritis.
  • Eliminates chronic toxicity of lead and heavy metals.
  • Improves vision in diabetic retinopathy. Macular degeneration.
  • Stops senile dementia, improves Alzheimer’s.
  • It improves the intellectual function, power of concentration, memory, vision, libido and reflexes. 23. Improves the skin or skin.
  • Anti-aging effect.
  • Improves sleep

With this treatment, almost all cardio-vascular surgeries can be avoided; in addition, it prevents the deterioration of health by age and obtains the “rejuvenation” of the organism by improving the oxygenation and nutrition of the tissues in charge of the circulatory system.

If we take into account that atherosclerosis is one of the processes directly related to aging, it is understood why chelation prevents premature aging and promotes better nutrition of the patient’s tissues and organs, thus achieving better states of well being and health in general.