Redushape Naturals Program

This Intensive Program is a 4 weeks long weight reduction program for both men and women that is 100% natural combined with Body Shaping Apparatus

What are the advantages?

  1. Activates basal lipolysis (degrades triglycerides at rest).
  2. It potentiates adrenaline-induced lipolysis during exercise or stress situations.
  3. Inhibits lipogenesis (formation of triglycerides) after eating food.
  4. Inhibits adipogenesis as a global preventive effect.
  5. Eliminates localized fat.
  6. Reduce sagging skin.
  7. Eliminates cellulite.
  8. Define the body contour.
  1. Performs lymphatic drainage.
  2. Provides a lifting effect on the skin.
  3. Improves blood circulation.
  4. Increases elasticity in the skin.
  5. Stimulates the production of cutaneous collagen.
  6. Performs a lipolytic effect for fat burning purposes.
  7. Promotes the removal of retained liquids.
  8. Fades stretch marks and scars on the skin.

Technologies used:

 Pro-Diet + Omnika Lipo-shape Premium, the only Italian equipment that combines Lipocavitation with Radiofrequency in simultaneous action

+ Subdermic CO2 booster therapy + Presso System Massage

+ Collagenic Phototherapy + Facial Radiofrequency or Photorejuvenation with IPL SHR

DURATION: 4 weeks