At Tase Health & Beauty we are the largest and most advanced network of Centers of Aesthetic Medicine, Health and Rejuvenation in Mexico. We count with the best and most varied technologies of American and European equipments for facial and body treatments, with the objective of satisfying aesthetic and self-esteem needs for our patients, providing warm and effective care with a team of specialists and high standards of quality and service    

As leaders of the sector, we offer innovative treatments with the most advanced medical aesthetic and rejuvenation technologies proven, and effective to cure or improve different pathologies or aesthetic problems.

We are committed to improve the well-being, confidence and self-esteem of our patients in a safe, professional, friendly and ethical manner. We are an integral Center of Aesthetic Facial, Body and Rejuvenation Medicine, dedicated to improving and maintaining the beauty of the face and body, always seeking the integrity and unification of the beauty-health concept through products of the highest quality in combination with last generation and the latest in manual techniques.This makes our company, Tase Health & Beauty, a unique space of wellness, where the image is key to achieving success both personal and professional, as a good image detonates Beauty, Harmony and Health.

We are not only backed by the latest technologies in appliances and products, but we also since have highly qualified personnel to cover each of our patients’ needs, based on values ​​of honesty, respect and service, which make Tase Health & Beauty a unique center where integral aesthetics is our greatest commitment.

At Tase Health & Beauty we adapt to your needs by providing you with professional medical, aesthetic and cosmetic treatments indispensable to maintain your health and image in optimal conditions.